Tribute Page - Appreciate feedback

Hi everyone,

Here is my tribute page project.
Let me know what you think.

Live Demo:
Source Code:
Codepen Version:

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Looks great! Simple, but effective. When I scroll all the way down, there’s not a lot of room between the heading “Introduction” and the top of the viewport.
The grey above the heading are my browser tabs. Tight fit!

Well that is a coincidence but i check how to change for this not happen, independently of the screen size

I just spent like 3 full minutes just scrolling up and down staring at that large background image. I like how when I scroll down your page I’m also scrolling down inside of that image. I don’t know if that is intended or not, but I think it’s a cool effect.

The information is to the point and easy to read. I like the layout.
You did a great job!

Thank you very much!! I’m glad you liked it. :smiley:

The background image is fixed intentionally to achieve that effect.
Thanks again for your feedback.