Tribute Page Assignment - Muse

Hi guys,

just finished up my first assigment. Feedback is appreciated.


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Looks good, seems to have a weird dark tint to it, makes it hard to read. Had to set my phone to maximum brightness.

The albums need to be spaced evenly with a gap between the track list and the next album.

Otherwise looks great.
The top of the page can’t be seen (codepen covers it)
That’s probably why the example added a top margin of 60x might wanna add a margin too.

The use of glyph icons is great.
I should probably incorporate that into my own tribute page

Generally quite nice. Love the “WANT MORE” links at the bottom.

Good on a desktop - but there’s some issues on mobile. The header image just doesn’t render so there’s no title at all. I wish I had a suggestion but I’m still fairly new… maybe a navbar could help in some way?

True the assignment didn’t mention it needs to work on mobile - so I wouldn’t say it’s must do assignment-wise. But I’m following the mobile first principles in my learnings so testing everything for a smartphone as well using device emulation on Google Developer Tools.

that’s true, it wasn’t built with mobile devices in mind. I dont think i’ve got the knowledge for that yet.
i’ll probably come back and make a proper responsive site

thanks for the feedback :wink:

  1. I just like it because it is about muse :smiley:
  2. Probably, on mobile phone that top image should switch to a navbar or something like that. Because image stretches down into a tiny line on top a page.
  3. Just MY OPINION: the site is waaay to dark and i wish it was lighter. It is hard to look at the content.
    But, yeah, i will definetly steal your social media buttons. They are great