Tribute Page - Avenged Sevenfold

Understand that I am new to this, but will take all criticism as it will help me be better.
It doesn’t display on mobile like it does desktop so view with desktop! I am not sure how to make it compatible… not there yet.

I like it, you did really well keep coding and learning , It takes time keep learning more and more
Happy Coding

Clicking analyze after clicking the dropdown arrow on the top right of the html area can help point out errors. I found these errors:


Also I would recommend removing the link from the image. Especially if you have the same link on the bottom, it makes it a little redundant.

Looks good though, good job!

Thanks, I didn’t even know that feature was there. I’ll combat that hr issue by providing a bottom border to the headers and make it the same color in CSS. I think you’re right too about the links being redundant… I’ll probably remove the band link from the bottom of the page and keep it on the image because I think it’s pretty neat that way. Thanks for the feedback!

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Ah actually I had an open hr tag that’s why that issue occurred.