Tribute Page -- B-Boy Atsuki

This is a tribute page for my favorite breakdancer.
I know I didn’t follow all the rules, but I think I got most of em.

Any and all criticism is appreciated! I think the code I wrote is super messy and it appears my media queries don’t even work.

Do you have something in codepen that we can look at?

When you say “didn’t follow all the rules” are you saying that not all of the tests pass? Because if they don’t, then you failed the project. The user stories are there for you to follow to create the minimal viable product (mvp).

Your code may or may not be “super messy” but since there’s no codepen no one can comment on it or help you. Btw, you can run your code in a validator to see what you need to clean up. If you do your coding in codepen there’s a link in the html and css sections that analyzes your code and lets you know what’s in error and what you need to clean up.

I might’ve failed 3/10 tests, but my goal for this project is to create a nice looking website for my portfolio. I’m not really concerned about if it fulfills all the user stories because the ones that it fails are more technical details, like the img-caption not being inside the img-div.

I know it’s important to fulfill user stories if I’m being hired to create a website for a client, but I feel like the technical details aren’t that important for my goals with these projects.

And thanks, I ran it in the codepen validator and it seems the only problems are that I am using “center” (obsolete) and my imgs don’t have alts. My mistake.

Okay then, I won’t comment any further other than to say;

If you don’t want to follow the user stories then why come here and ask for people to review it?
Putting up out of focus pictures that grow when you hover over them and some text in Korean that not many people can read is not much of a tribute. There’s nothing that says why you admire them or what they’ve done that inspires you. Back in the '90’s before CSS websites like this were the norm.

Sorry I tried to help.

You’re right, I did get a little defensive there, sorry. I attached myself to my work too much.

I understand how regular tribute pages are made, but I felt like it was too much reading so I decided to keep it super simple. Tributes can elaborate on why you like something, but I think of this tribute more as a plaque on a wall than a paper with a bunch of details or biography about a person.

Even if it doesn’t follow all the standards, I still wanted to post my site on here because I wanted feedback on the site’s aesthetic and accessibility. E.g. color scheme, are the buttons too big, etc. etc.

Also, some of the text is in Japanese because the person who the tribute is for is Japanese, so they’d be able to read the site too.