Tribute Page: B.J. Habibie

Hello Campers, :blush:

This is my first Tribute Page about my Indonesia’s third president. His name is BJ. Habibie.
I’ve been trying to complete this challenge around for three weeks or maybe longer than that. :smile:
I know it’s not perfect but I would be happy more if you want to leave your comments and suggestions to me about this project. :wink:

Here is the link.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Nice Tribute!

My recommendation, as was recommended to me, might be to remove the bullets from your dates and perhaps bold them.


looks really good - this is a very small / not really development thing, but on your opening quote, both of the quotation marks are opening ones, where the second should be this character >> ”

it’s a well-done tribute. I do agree with @kymburley’s suggestion of removing bullets from / bolding the dates

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hello @kymburley and @gracenut , :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your response. I’m trying to correct the part that you recommended to me, for remove the bullets from the dates and make them bold. Then the closing quotation.
Now how do you feel ? Is it more better than before ? is there something uncorrect :grin:

Thank You :blush:

It’s much better without the bullets! :slight_smile: