Tribute Page: Back to the Future

Hello friends :slight_smile: can i have some feedback please

Back to the Future

Nobody ? Some feedback will be appreciate

Damn, that’s a cool page. As a Back to the Future fan, it has everything I want to see in a tribute. The only criticism I have is that the buttons you have for trailers, bloopers, and facts look more like dividers than buttons and that makes them easy to miss. I’d say they should be more obviously button-y and draw the visitor’s attention. Well done!

Thank you for you feedback, u mean i should put a button like the “version” button ?

Anyways thank a lot its appreciate

Yeah i know what are you talking about, just asking u if i should put a button like the one i made for the “versions” to show people u have to clik there.

Ooooooohhhh… I see. Yes, those are a good example. :blush:

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