Tribute page background colour

I’ve started the tribute page project and so far have this

As you can see the background colour abruptly changes halfway through the picture I’ve used. What mistake have I made and how can I fix this?

You used linear-gradient property.
If you want just 1 color write background-color: #6666AA;

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Ah, so It cuts off because it reached the end of the gradient. Is there any way I can stretch the gradient so that it transitions more slowly, and reaches the final color at the other end of the page?

A linear-gradient is a background-image, use background-repeat: no-repeat.

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Very helpful, thank you.

I’ve followed the example and I’m adding a brief timeline.

How do I bring the bullet points a little closer to their respective texts?

It’s because of the text-align: center on the body. You can try setting the ul to have list-style-position: inside

ul {
  list-style-position: inside;
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