Tribute Page: Bernie Sanders - would love some feedback!

Hi! I created a simple tribute page for Bernie Sanders. Just wanted thoughts on the page as a whole - what you liked, what you didn’t like, what could change, etc.

Bernie Sanders tribute page


I like it. Very clean. Nice composition.

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Having a top-left pic with text on the right looks really cool at full page on my notebook, but start shrinking the viewport down and a gaping hole shows up to the left of the bottom half of the list. Take it all the way down, and the pic and text needs to be played with to make it react correctly.

Other than that, it seems pretty clean. Keep up the great work


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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I certainly didn’t take the responsiveness fully into account. Just changed col-xs-* to col-md-* which seemed to do the trick and formats nicely for smaller devices. Initially, I thought that I would have to add a separate col-md-* and take it one format at a time, but I guess just changing it to medium worked - will have to study Bootstrap more closely.