Tribute Page - Beyoncé - Feedback is appreciated!

Hi guys, new to freeCodeCamp. Finished the first set of lessons and created my tribute page.

Any feedback on styling, responsiveness, html structure, etc. is much appreciated!


I tried to be picky but it was really hard to find anything I didn’t like. It’s responsive, elegant, and simplistic.

Lovely job my friend.

Thank you! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Whoa this is way better than mine haha. Do you have feedback for mine?

Structurally, I think it looks great! The HTML is clean and well organized.

Design-wise, I would say don’t be scared to play with layouts, separate out content, and experiment with some color. I used Google Fonts to pick out a main font, and then used one of the suggested secondary fonts ( For color, I grabbed the sand color from the images, which were on Beyoncé’s website. But usually I grab colors using I am not too good at creating the color palettes myself, but it lets you choose colors from images or can explore other peoples’ created color palettes. And always remember, having some space/padding between stuff is good! The eyes need to have a place to relax as it scans a page :slight_smile:

The best one I’ve seen so far. Congratulations!!

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It’s so cool! nd the best.

Keep it up! :+1::+1::+1: