Tribute page - Bibi King's Autobiography

Hello dear fellows in FCC,

I am a newbie on coding, and very hungry on learning anything I need to learn for improving my abilities of coding. I just finished my first tribute page and my previous lesson on html and css, and looking for some feedback from you. I would like to know how to improve with the view, color, structure or anything you have in mind as your user feelings.

Bibi King’s Autobiography

I am ready to move on the next lesson with Portfolio page, but I have some questions about it. They told us not to look into the detail, but at the same time we need to figure out a lot of things that we didn’t learn for coding a portfolio page like:

  1. How to create the banner?
  2. How to stick the buttons and won’t move while scrolling the page?
  3. How to click on the button (and make it work?) and appear right onto the place which we need?

Hear is just some questions that I have in my mind after understanding what the lesson is for. And I am wondering also should I start to learn JS before doing the portfolio page? Please give me some advices on anything you have in mind!

P.S. I would like to how to create a nice link with a beautiful thumbnail next to the link and the CodePen logo on it? Please tell me how!

Thank you for your patience and watching, I know I have a lot of questions, I am a total new on coding, so thank you for your understanding!