Tribute Page Block Quotes

Hi! I am attempting to create a blockquote in the center of my tribute page. My coding looks like this:

        <p>"Leonard Bernstein not only created the most powerful pieces of musical literature, but also defined the role of American music in the global lexicon."</p>
        <footer><cite>Dr. Christopher Mucciolo</cite></footer>

I feel like this should be very simple but at the moment I see no change in pen editor.

Ok so now I am really confused. I put in the coding on here and then it created a block quote, I was trying to show an example of my code but it’s creating the blockquote instead. Maybe I don’t understand what the blockquote itself is supposed to look like?

I cleaned up your code.
You need to use triple backticks to post code to the forum.
See this post for details.

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Definitely helps, thank you! Now I know what to look for.

However, did you by chance see anything wrong with the code that I originally posted? Now that I know what should happen once I use a blockquote, I am curious why it wasn’t working in codepen when I was using the code I had in my original post.

Thanks again!

Thank you! I will do so for my next post, much appreciated.

I went ahead and just used the CSS, thank you for the help!

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