Tribute Page - blockqoute help

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to finish the first challenge, building a tribute page, here is a link to my pen.

My question is, according to bootstrap documentation blockquote class “blockguote-reverse” should align the block right. While this works if I use Bootstrap 3, it doesn’t when I use Bootstrap 4 (neither does blockquote blockquote-reverse).

Does anyone know how I can reverse the blockquote?

Thanks in advance

Hey. In Bootstrap 4 you’ll have to use text-alignment classes to change the direction of your blockquotes. So, to have it aligned to the right, just add a “text-right” class to it like so:

<blockquote class="blockquote text-right">

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Oh, that’s a shame, but thanks for the answer!

ps.: I have no idea how to accept your answer as solution.