Tribute Page - Brian Jacques

After starting and stopping FCC for years, I finally have my first project! Here it is:

Please let me know of anything I need to improve on!

I look forward to hearing from this awesome community!

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Looks pretty good! I especially like the stripes in the background.

Your image is broken. I would use a difference source usually ones from github are good.
I would also increase the overall font-size.

Good luck! :+1:

I actually had a question about my image. I have them uploaded in Imgur - but they always seem to break. You mentioned github for images, do you know how I would do that? Link to an image held in github?

Hmm… nice font and nice positioning. One of the images are not working properly and maybe change the paragraph font to Avenir or Optima or Sans

@nekochan34 I like it. I am not liking the scrollbars. I think the divs should be expanded so the scrollbars go away.