Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page

*please, I’m trying to save my work but it keeps on writing “slow down your code was not saved”.

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<!-- file: index.html -->
<DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="UTF-8"
<link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css">
<meta name="viewpoint" content="width, initial-scale#1">
<main id="main">
  <title id="title"><h1>Tribute To My Late Uncle</h1></title>
  <div id="img-div"><img id="image" src=""/><div id="img-caption">
   Your Death came as a shock to us and as you sit in the arms 
of the Lord, your family, friends, and colleagues mourn your death.
It’s all right as each of us has the Lord beside us as we say our farewells.
 Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts 
forever. We still wake up every morning hoping this is a dream, and it hurts knowing 
you are gone. 
    <p id="tribute-info"> Tribute to my late uncle </p>
    <a href=""id="tribute-link" target="_blank">


/* file: styles.css */
image {
  justify- content: center;

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Challenge: Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page

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Welcome to the forum, @AnnieOkoli !

Where are you writing the code? As long as you finish the step, I believe it should be naturally saved to FreeCodeCamp’s servers. Are you still having tis problem?

A few quick typos in your work:

In the HTML file:

is missing the exclamation mark ( ! )

In the CSS file:

  • justify-content has a space you need to remove.

I’m sorry for your loss. Best of luck with your project.

Thank you so much for your help. I have passed the project.

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