Tribute Page - Build a Tribute Page

  • Your #tribute-link should have an href attribute and value.

  • Failed:Your #tribute-link should have a target attribute set to _blank.

  • Failed:Your img element should have a display of block.

  • Failed:Your #image should have a max-width of 100%.

Your #image should be centered within its parent.

tried everything i could think of and cant figure it out.

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means youve done the cafe app, please how do i get out of step 51? im stuck

Hi @ekeminiifiok,

In the future, please create your own topic when you have specific questions about your own challenge code. Only respond to another thread when you want to provide help to the original poster of the other thread or have follow up questions concerning other replies given to the original poster.

The easiest way to create a topic for help with your own solution is to click the Ask for Help button located on each challenge. This will automatically import your code in a readable format and pull in the challenge url while still allowing you to ask any question about the challenge or your code.

Thank you.

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