Tribute Page by Tanya - Feedback required

Hello everyone,

I have completed my Tribute Page Project.
Please have a look at it and do provide me feedback as this will help me in becoming a better programmer.

codepen link:


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Looks pretty good.

I would suggest you to run analyze HTML by clicking on down arrow on codepen. You have few syntax errors.

Cheers. :tada:


Thanks a lot Shimphilip for your prompt response.
I am quite new to codepen and your analysis was correct i had errors which i have rectified now.
Thanks again!!!

Nice work. Simple,clean codes and outlay. My comment may sound pretty small, but it would be nice to add a space before the curly braces in your CSS declarations. Cheers

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Thanks for reviewing. Each and every comment no matter big or small is important.
Thanks again for the feedback!!

I had overlooked that feature as well. Thank you for bringing it up!