Tribute page (can someone help please?)

My name is Zsolt ,i stuck at making a tripute page , a followed the template all looks good but it says test 2/12 .
could you help how to solve this problem?

1-welcome section
2 welcome section should have h1 what contain text
3 id of project
4 project tile
5 one link to project
6 navbar
7 navbar with a link
link with profil link
my nav bar should be on the top

Hi @ambronziusz!:wave:
In order to help you we need to see the code of your project. Do you have it in Codepen? Please give us the link to see it. :wink:

Yess i have it on Codeopen and the project name is ferencpuskás2.
It is necessary share my code here or you can see it at my profile page?

if you don’t post the link it’s pretty difficult to find your pen
if you want help with your project please post the link to where it is found

hello coders. please i need help with user story #8. this is my code pen

Seems to be a dead link

you will need to provide the link to, the link you have given is an invalid link for somewhere on the freecodecamp website

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