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Can I use the CDN link in ATOM? I don’t want to develop the Tribute Page in Code.pen. I like to develop the Tribute Page in Atom. By doing this my skills in Atom also improves. This is the only reason. If I can use the CDN link in Atom then please can anyone tell me how? And if not it’s ok. I use the code.pen then. :blush:

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

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you need to use the cdn link in a script tag

if you open the codepen to fork you can just copy that script tag and put it as last thing before your closing body tag

note you will need a page hosted online to submit

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I did mine using Visual Studio Code. But once I am done in VS Code I copy pasted it either in or You can then provide your link to FCC project’s input box.

I prefer also to use the Live Server package in VS Code which is by the way also available in Atom. With Live Server you can run your html in localhost and if you have some changes you don’t need to refresh your browser because it is hot reload. I did also my checking locally since I inserted the JS script link provided by FCC.

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Hey! How are you? I used the script tag from the fork and paste it just before closing the body tag and it works amazingly! And ya I do not host the page I just copy my whole code and paste it in code.pen after I passed the test and submit it. :v::grin: THANKS FOR HELPING ME!! :blush:

@edper, you can paste the script into VSC. Just place it right before the closing body tag.
Brackets also has live preview

That’s what I did actually. What I mean after he tested it locally with the script before the body, he could then paste it in let’s say in for everyone to see.