Tribute Page Challenge Completed - jd43726

Hello, I have created a tribute page to George B. Dorr, the father of Acadia National Park in the US State of Maine. The tribute page is found at Please review the page and let me know what you think.

Also please go to to code review the html and css. Please provide feedback on the code as well.

Thank you! :smile:

Hi there,

Your tribute page is looking great! Some space between the image and first paragraph would be nice.

I looked over your code and Iā€™m not quite sure what all your row and column divs are all about. You might want to read over the grid section of the bootstrap docs to become more familiar with how and when to use grids.

For centering text and images on a page, check out the text-center and center-block bootstrap classes.

Happy coding!

Hi Laura, thank you very much for reviewing my tribute page and providing a link to the bootstrap grid documentation.

I have removed the redundant divs and replaced with just one. The change made the html a lot cleaner and easier to read. I am also centering the image with the center-block page.

All changes have been uploaded to the codepen at Thanks again for your feedback.

It looks really good Iā€™m mobile. Great job!