Tribute Page challenge - copyright question about images

Hi folks,

I have a question about the linking/anchoring of images and referencing to another webpage: Is it even legal?

After a few google searches I’m not sure if it’s legal and since I don’t know all the lingo of programming yet, I’m not sure if I understand the difference between ‘stealing’ an image if you copy+paste it from the web into your PC and uploading it somewhere else is the same as inline linking in HTML with the “img” element and referencing out to another page.

Would be nice to get some straight answers here since the Cat Photo App is using the ‘inline’ stuff in the code if I understand it correctly, and the difference here is that in that example you’re linking a pic thats (probably?) owned and hosted by freeCodeCamp with your permission, and in the Tribute page you get to choose a image from somewhere outside of freeCodeCamp of my own choosing? I’m treating the editor/tutorial as if it was a real page so I guess the same rules applies there, for example no NSFW or illegal stuff, so the question remains.

Can I just link to whatever image on the web doing the "img src=“www.exämple-website-image.jpg” and make it appear on my website/preview page in code tutorial editor or is that a big no no?

This is a good explanation here

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Hi and welcome,

it’s unlikely that the copyright owners will search coding camp projects, you won’t, in 99,9% of all cases, make any money with them or pretend to be the copyright holder.

Don’t link pictures from places like or any other major brand of course.

You can use sites like with thousands of high quality photos for free, just name the photographer, without worries.

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Thank you for your reply, read it and bookmarked that link!

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Hi, thank you for your reply.

Thanks, will use that site to check for material for the tribute page! Bookmarked it!

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