Tribute Page Challenge - Fazıl Say

Okay, here is my entry for the “Tribute Page Challenge”:

Any criticism is welcomed. I’m planning to try each and every one of your suggestions on a different canvas.

Thank you in advance:)

Great work. Most of what i see wrong is related to code cleanup. Here are a few things you can do to make this project better:

  • tidy up your code and research about max characters per line of code
  • don’t use ids and html elements for styling, that’s what classes are fore
  • last and most important - get rid of bootstrap and any external libraries, they are great tools when you are working, but hinder your development when you learn. Write vanilla code for now
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I’m sorry that I couldn’t respond to your comment earlier, it is very valuable.

I haven’t heard anything about max characters per line of code before, although I have had several coding classes in the past. Thanks for this hint.

I have to practice styling, that’s for sure. I am not able to tell what should I use when.

Actually, I try to use and build standalone products, because I hate things that have the potential to be broken or change due to external factors. But as a rookie, I wanted to try Bootstrap, even though the tribute page is very very simple.

I’m planning to rebuild the page and I will consider your comments.

Thank you for your time and valuable contributions.