Tribute Page Challenge Feedback

Hey Guys,
I just did the tribute page challenge, and I wanted to get some feedback on my code.
Thank you for the help!

Hey Albert,

Pancho Villa, nice! awesome guy…

Regarding your code, I do have a few suggestions. On your CSS, remember that you can declare rules for several elements at the same time, without the need to repeat:

body, p {
// your code

I would usually stay clear of mouse over animations with HTML and would prefer to handle it with jQuery, as you get this iffy, scratchy movement.

Lastly, I would create a wrapper div to center all the content, as it looks cleaner.

Great job with the page and keep up the good work!

P.S I am in no way a qualified web developer yet, so my suggestions are based solely on my own opinion.

Looks nice.

I would also add, that since you are using codepen, you can put the link for the fonts in the settings, that way all you have in the html sheet is the body of your page.

I would also suggest that while the page looks nice, it could use some designing to it. So if it were me I would spend a little more time on that. The page is functional but asethetical simple (sorry! I am not trying to be mean :frowning: so I am sorry if that comments is hurtful or upsetting)

I would look at adding some space to your paragraphs so they dont start on the edge of the page. Maybe some space between the quote and the image.

If you were really inclined, I would also look at utilizing Bootstrap to make the page fluid and responsive.

But its all just my humble opinion :slight_smile:

  • Nao