Tribute Page Challenge - Luis Royo (Samantha Lea)

Please find below a link to my, Tribute Page Challenge project. It’s not exactly how I want it but I’m a complete newbie here. :blush: Think I’m on the right track tho. I will come back to it after I learn more.
Any feedback or comments are much appreciated. Please be nice hahaha :smiley:

Tribute Page - Luis Royo
Many Thanks:grin:

Hi Samantha-Lea,

Nicely done!
In my experience this is the hardest project of all. This is because, here, most of the things are new to you.
I remember taking a long time to complete this.

I have noticed few points for improvement.
1.Add some colors to the page.
2.Try to make your images responsive by adding img-responsive class.
3.Try to move inline styling to CSS in order to have consistency and improve readability.
4. Insert the quote. :slight_smile:

Don`t give up.No matter how hard it is keep moving forward.
All the best!
Cheers! :beers:

Thanks so much for your feedback!
Much appreciated :slight_smile: