Tribute Page (Charlie Chaplin)

Hello @all here put link of my Tribute Page about Charlie Chaplin:

Tribute Page Charlie Chaplin

I Hope your Feedbacks Thanks!

Wow, you’ve done an excellent job on the responsiveness and content (almost everything responded nicely to changes to the size of the browser window). Just one item didn’t do so well which is the double quotes around the quoted text area. I took a screen shot to show you the problem (the double quotes on the right hand side are pushed to the next line which doesn’t look good)

Everything else was excellent. Nicely done!

Thanks for your comment @hbar1st. I will try to solve the problem of quotes. I have also been able to appreciate it at some point of rupture.
Maybe the problem is more of the html than of css umm I’m not sure. I will continue investigating. If I can solve it I will upload it again :slight_smile:

Ey… here I think the problem should be solved. Tell me if I’m wrong. Thank you

hi there,

it looks like you fixed the wrapping issue with the double quotes but now you have a new problem with the vertical position of the quote. It is no longer centered between the top and bottom black lines…

Hi @hbar1st,

Now I hope that the problem has been solved. I used a grid container for it. Regards!