Tribute Page - Charlotte Brontë


I’ve been working on the Tribute Page challenge and would love any kind of help/feedback as this is my first project! :smile:

Thank you!

Very nice. No major issues here. Just a few minor suggestions:

  • Best practices say that you shouldn’t skip heading levels as you work your way down. So the two <h4>s at the bottom should be <h3>s.
  • Regarding those two headings at the bottom, they aren’t really headings and should probably just be <p>s. Headings introduce content that follows. These two lines are the content. If you wanted a heading for them then it would be something like “Additional Information”.
  • More on those two links at the bottom. Using “Click here” is pretty outdated. Maybe change it to something like “Find out more about…” and make the whole sentence a link.
  • All of this should be wrapped in a <main>. If you wanted to put the two links at the bottom in a <footer> then that would follow the main section.
  • Good job putting alt text on the image. It doesn’t really give any more information than the figcaption though. I think you could be a little more descriptive (e.g. describe her clothes).
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Hi! Thank you so much for your message and for taking the time to check my project, it’s really helpful! I’ve made the changes you suggested and it should be better now :smile:

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