Tribute page check it and give your feedback please

finished my tribute page project, please check it and give the feedback

looks great to me. I honestly cant recommend you change anything because I think it is perfect.

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thank you very much for the feedback

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All that yellow made me think of Big Bird from sesame street!

but other than that, looks good on desktop AND mobile, so good job :+1:


haha, Big Bird… thank you very much for the feedback

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@paulgoogle you always seem to give good honest feedback. Could you let me know what you think about my latest project review video?

Liked it a lot. looks like this guy went with the same template/format of the fcc survey page, with the inputs over on the right hand side, so i couldnt fault him for that, and to be fair, its looks very crisp and clean.

But once you started in with the small edits on the code, i thought that added a great touch. Its fine people learning though endless tutorials, but when you can actually watch someone playing around with/correcting some code you’ve actually produced yourself, i’d say thats priceless since you can see realtime what the error is and how it can be fixed.

Personally speaking, i think those sort of videos are the best :+1:

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Dude, you freaking rock!!! Thank you so much for the detailed info. I am going to continue making these types of vids but I am going to start digging into the code more

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