Tribute page clean-up

So this has been done for awhile but for the life of me I cannot understand why my

text is not being resized by my CSS property. I have placed it in the body, used different units(px, %, etc.), but it has no effect. Is there something in my HTML superseding my CSS? I am trying not to rely on inline styling so if a second set of eyes could clean this up I would be most appreciative.

Vai tribute page

Maybe a dumb question but…what size do you want??

I don’t know, for the moment I just want it to actually alter the text, I have tried many sizes and it never changes. Something smaller, though, haha.

Your CSS is overridden by stronger built-in CSS.

Your CSS selector must be at least as specific as the built-in css.

Now try .jumbotron p{font-size: whatever size} and be a happy bunny :sunny: !

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awesome, thank you for clarifying that. The relief washed over me in an awesome wave.

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