Tribute Page: Clint Eastwood

Here’s my completed tribute page project. Tried to mimic the example provided.

Feedback is welcome! Thanks.

Good job, better than my tribute page. :relaxed:
Nice copyright plug btw. :wink:

Hey I also only completed my tribute page recently. Nice work. I think though that you don’t need to create the style section in HTML it can be handled in the CSS section. Just for future reference when you build Codepens again. Might make the code easier to manage/rerad. I am going to copyright my stuff from now n as well :wink:

Why not wrap the whole thing in a container. The text now is across the full page, makes me feel like watching Tennis. People read in word-groups of about 6 words (that’s why newspaper have these narrow columns). That’s why I try to keep my lines to a max of about 15 words.

Ha! Ok, thanks for the tip.