Tribute page: Coffee

Hey all, I have finally finished (?) my tribute page (to coffee!). I was hoping to be able to adjust the opacity of background image, but there does not seem to be an easy way to do this. I tried some of the workarounds I found online but couldn’t get it to look the way I wanted it, so i ended up editing the text to try to make it more readable across the background. thoughts, comments, suggestions?

ps. yes, I know the last link goes to a page that does not yet exist :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Did you know the last link goes to a page that does not exist? :wink:

Looks great! I think my only suggestion would be maybe bringing up the opacity a little more on your overlay. It’s just the dark text against the beans makes it a little hard on the eyes (at least for me haha). Maybe a 0.7 or 0.8 alpha level?

Otherwise it’s awesome, love the font on the title, love the the coffee cup graphic, hell I just love coffee in general so you’ve already won me over :laughing: Well done!!

thank you! that is much better, and allowed me to adjust the text some. Not sure why I didn’t think to play around with that some :grin:

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No problem! It all comes down to experimenting with the code but, I know for myself I just get so used to something looking a certain way, I tend not to think about it anymore.

Honestly, all I can say is that it looks great! Love the see-through background. That’s neat.

If I really wanted to be nitpicky, I’d say there could be a single line break between the title and the caption underneath.

thanks welshie! I’ll try your suggestion, as well, and see how it looks!