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i have completed my tribute page… but iam little unsatisfied with my positioning skill of many div elements in my page… is that any other way instead of trying position property in each elements??

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Hi kabs31,

Perhaps you could try to use HTML5 semantic elements instead of some of your div elements. For example, try to wrap your h1 in a header element instead of a div. If you do that, you can also use these in your CSS. So, instead of targeting #title you could use the header selector in your CSS.

You can read about HTML5 elements on:
And you can see which browsers support styling HTML5 semantic elements with CSS at:

I hope this helps you, enjoy!

hi sandrab

is there any other properties to align the elements instead of trying out position property everytime… if there pls suggest me… i’m dying out here…

and thx for ur previous reply,

Why don’t you try with flex-box or grid?

So that it becomes responsive

thank you… ill look for it :slight_smile:

All the big pieces like divs, headings, and paragraphs are automatically relative to their parent element and can be moved around with margin on one side or the other. No need for position:relative; on everything.