Tribute Page Complete

I finally completed my tribute page challenge. I would truly appreciate some constructive criticism. I’m still learning and trying to find my more artistic side to enhance my learning experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The shadow effects are nice and bring some volume. I like it.

A couple of things:

  • Name your codepen, don’t leave the random letters given by codepen

  • Alignment of your Title Adele Queen of Pop, it is too low

  • Break down the layout of your page, it is way too packed with text and it looks even more stacked when you look on other devices. ( you can check the rendering on different view ports on Chrome by using the developer tools and then once it is open you see a black rectangle on the left, when you hover on it it says "toggle device tool bar

  • Why did you comment out all your css classes? I would suggest keeping your CSS separated from your html if only for your sake: you don’t have to scroll back and forth everytime you want to check your css for a class, it is better to leave them in the CSS part of the code editor instead of copying in the body of your page.

  • For all the Header content (link to css, scripts etc… Codepen has its own section as well as an already present Doctype html so no need for the hassle.

  • If you succeed at getting data from Google Analytics, let me know, last time I checked there was not any on my portfolio, it may just confirm that no one went to check it out though:)

  • The blue background could be lightened a little, bear in mind that people with eyesight problem may look at your page and if the contrast is not good enough they may not see your content correctly.

  • On the other hand the bright red for the link may be a bit overkill, I would suggest changing the link color to something less aggressive.

*Alt attribute for your picture should not be the title of your image but a description, it can be quite long something like “Portrait picture of the singer Adele in black and white”. It serves people who can’t see the picture for various reasons and search engines.

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