Tribute page completed - I need your point of view

Hi every one :smile:
I just finished my first project (Tribute page)

Please give me your feedback (I’ll be more than happy to receive critics)

Thanks in advance

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Man you did awesome work I really like your project . Keep coding long way to go
Happy coding

Thank you so much, your feedback encouraged me to go ahead.

Very cool!

Simple, Minimalist - I love it.

This is my 2nd feedback and really I start feeling confident

Thanks again

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@SalimDev Well done! The arrows add a nice touch to the project.
How about adding a fancy font or two?
The text inside the arrows seems to be a bit too close to the edges in some areas.

Thanks for the advice. You’re absolutely right.
Fonts will add a beautiful touch and also some padding to the narrow text

Thanks again