Tribute Page completed! My first Project - ever!

So, long story short: after week and a half and four complete rewrites, I have completed my Tribute Page!
Three things I have learned from this odd period of frustration and elation:

  • Excessive code - bad code!

  • Browsing for solution is not cheating!

  • FCC gives only the basics of CSS3 and HTML5. I’ve learned a lot more by going through the recommended R-S-A method. Thank you Code Camp! I promise I will complete the Font-End Certificate this time and not quit for the 4th time over the course of two years.

Any input given is appreciated! I even need a tiny bit of help (see commentary within HTML).
Project is located here!

Thanks in advance! :wink:

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Looks good. The font is hard on the eyes after a while but it matches the theme so I get it.

I agree you need to be able to tolerate an awful lot of frustration and feelings of giving up with coding, but I find those are the times where you learn the most. Don’t give up…re-read the question, try to understand a way to solve the issues, watch YouTube videos, Google it, look at other people’s code…there is always a way. Plus you’re right that browsing for solutions is not cheating, as long as you fully understand the logic behind it afterwards!

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