Tribute Page Completed! Thoughts?

Hello! I have completed my tribute page. I used Bootstrap for this project and wanted to learn how the column layout worked. My page is simple, but I learned quite a bit about Bootstrap in the process. Please leave your thoughts.

CodePen Link

I think you have a great start here. However I would suggest the following:

Your page feels very constrained horizontally. What I mean by this is that I feel like all of the page contents are really ‘squished’ in that top pain of the view from the browser. I suggest fixing this by trying to separate the content out to create more of a ‘vertical’ feel like a typical webpage. However, I do respect if you were going with a design tactic here. If that is the case, maybe just expand that row that the website is in to give it more space.

The next thing is that the header is a little too snug up toward the top of the page. Move that box downward a little bit to give it some breathing room.

I like the minimilistic, black and white feel of the website. You really have done a good job here where the font looks readable and is easy for the eyes. You have good horizontal balance and your links work well. Good job on this one!