Tribute Page Completed :)

Hi there!! so I redid my tribute page and I admit it, it took me atleast a couple of hours completing this page but mostly because I got distracted of me singing along while doing this project! SO FUN! :laughing:

Any feedback would be helpful. CHEERS! :smiley:

Cool, it looks pretty good.

In terms of coding, it looks pretty good but there are a few things. First of all, I notice that you have two things with the id “tribute-link”. IDs must be unique.

Also, you have some little validation errors with how various components are nested. I would go to this HTML validator. select the Validate by Direct Input tab, and paste the HTML in there. The first few errors are just because you’re doing this in codepen and don’t have the usual boilerplate code.

My only design qualm would be that the lines are too long in the ul. Generally, you want lines to be in the 45-75 character range, to be more readable.

But still, it looks good, good job. Have fun on the next project.

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ohh yea, I forgot that IDs must be unique. :sweat_smile:

I’ll keep this in mind.

The HTML validator tho, seeing the errors in my html, it make sense like there’s no need to use strong tag in my h3. :laughing: I will use this on my future projects. great resource!

Appreciate your feedback @kevinSmith. THANKS :smile:

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