Tribute Page constant 9/10. Help please!

Hi everyone, I’m driving myself nuts over here trying to figure out why I can’t achieve the 10/10.

I had a really unique layout at first but was stuck at 9/10 so I stripped it back to the basic example that was given for the tribute page and still can’t get past 9/10.

Is this a bug? can anyone check it out and let me know. Thanks.

Welcome to the froum, @spidercmd !

When you’re making your image relative to the width of its parent element, make sure to add the CSS property display: block So you will be changing your #image to:

#image {
  max-width: 100%;
  display: block;
  height: auto

By putting this code in you will have 9/10 but the error you are receiving will change. See if you can fix that error! Best of luck!

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Thanks for your suggestion, I did that and then ran the format function on my css and it cleared 10/10.

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Keep up the great work! Here’s to hoping you can finish the 2nd project.