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Hey I’m new to coding and of need of help. I’m stuck on the responsive web page section where it required me to build a survey page. the question i am stuck on is #4 where it asks me to put " Inside the form element, I am required to enter my name in a field with id="name"," and on the commands i put Name
within the form element and its telling me i didn’t do it right, any tips cause I’m about to lose my MIND!!

Hi there. It would help others help you if you could provide a link to your code. Thanks!

ok just did, thanks!

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You can’t use the same id on the label and input.

Ids are supposed to be unique and the test will just grab the first it finds (it finds the one on the label element first and not the input).

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thx for the help
here’s the final product, my first time actually styling a web page so criticize is as much as possible and possibly give me some tips

Hi @carral.ervin !

If you want feedback on your project then please make a new post in the #project-feedback section.


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