Tribute page - Critique please

Hello, could You offer me some feedback on tribute page?
Link: codepen .io/dylluangromlin/pen/OdOJKQ

Nice and responsive. My only issue really is with some aesthetics.

  • I added the following to your ul
  max-width: 600px;

At 40% I think it’s too squashed when you get down to smaller screen sizes. 60% still gives you nice spacing either side and the max-width prevents the ul from looking like it’s not a list on wider devices.

  • Secondly, the img div bg color being the same as the body bg color makes it look like there’s a big hole in your site. I’m not a fan of that personally, but it’s not wrong - and if you like it, then happy days :smiley:

Nice use of little HTML tweaks like cite and blockquote and the border-radius gives the page a softer look. Good job all in all.

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Thank you for answering.