Tribute Page - Daft Punk | Survey Form: Ghibli Museum

Hi freecodecampers!

I just finished my tribute page!:

EDIT: Finished the Survey Form too:

Any feedback will be appreciated, of course :slight_smile:



Nice one! And those Spotify iframes are the icing on the cake.

I would consider adding some usability enhancers to those albums’ covers when hovering over them, using CSS, to invite the user to click on them, like:

  • changing the cursor to pointer
  • adding some feedback to the user, like resizing, transparency, motion…

Keep them coming :grinning:

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Thank you! good ideas! I think I’ll apply them :slight_smile:

I added a few CSS effects on albums like Hash2C recommended me.

And I finished the Survey Form! :smiley:

I thought about doing everything with a white font, but with the smaller fonts it was difficult to read, according to a website I used, the contrast radius was 3.8 or 4 so I decided to leave them in black.
Maybe it’s not the best background color, but it’s the Studio Ghibli classic and I wanted to keep it that way.
The title font doesn’t convince me, or maybe add something more “showy”, but I don’t know what.

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Great work on both of your projects! Your Studio Ghibli survey is great.

@HumanAfterAll5, your survey form looks good but something to revisit. Each of your radio buttons and checkboxes all share the same id. id's should be unique and used only once.

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