Tribute page - Dalai Lama

This is my tribute page, and my first time learning any kind of code. Please critique the heck out of this. My plan is update this page by creating a new version and adding to the code so I can go back and look at the progress.

Nice Tribute page and liking the header font!

like the topic, nice choice.
like the pictures too.

I am having readability issues with the page. I think it is hard to read the text with all the background colors and shadows. Not sure about the justification either.

Thank you for the feedback. The justification looked correct when I was using brackets and doing the live preview. I was able to figure out where I went wrong and corrected it. I also thought that I had the background showing with opacity 0.5 but again that did not work. I cannot seem to figure it out so if anyone has any suggestions I am open for ideas.