Tribute Page: Dan Shiffman - Please Critique!

Hi guys, I just finished my tribute page assignment and I would love some feedback to make it portfolio-worthy. It’s a tribute to Dan Shiffman, who is a professor at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program and has a great Youtube channel where he teaches Processing and p5.js. If you aren’t familiar, Processing is a simplified programming language for artists and makers built on top of Java. p5.js is the web-ready version of Processing.

Anyway, I’m new to the web design game and I’d really love for this page to be great. Any feedback would be immensely appreciated!


I like that you embedded both video and the editor.

I feel that there should be a little more of an introduction to the editor and the program than just BAM here is an editor with an animation sequence running in it (even if it is as simple as “Below is an example of code that does x,y,z”).

For me, having the grey blocks of text hindered the flow of the page. You may wish to experiment with other ways to to present and highlight the content.

Overall, I think that this has a lot of nice features.

Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback! I have to say that I agree with you on both counts. I love the rounded grey boxes but there’s probably a better way to format the body text. Will keep iterating!