Tribute page: Daniel H. Wilson

Hi everyone. I’m new to freeCodeCamp and I just completed my tribute page. All feedback is appreciated. Thank you in advance!

The layout is very nice, @rmartinez75.

I would suggest two things:

  1. Make the book cover images all the same height so there’s a uniform look to that section.
  2. You spelled “Wikipedia” incorrectly twice.

Thanks so much @JaceyBennett for the feedback. Its really helpful and I will definitely make those changes.


Yeah, I agree with the uniform size for the book covers.

Also, I “feel” it’s missing a header.

You’re right. I thought about it but felt it may be too much since his name is already in the image. But I’ll try it. Thank you @owel

I noticed that… but when viewed on a mobile display screen, that text on the main photo is unreadable at the small size…

If you have another version of the same photo without the text on it, but still liked the text on the image, you could overlay the text using CSS and then depending on the screen width use media queries to hide the image text and unhide a header with the same text which would only be shown when the screen size was smaller than a certain width.


Just noticed that. I’m going to work on it. @owel

Thank you @RandellDawson for the idea. I will be googling!