Tribute Page - David Bowie

A simple responsive tribute page to David Bowie. I couldn’t figure out some things I imagined to have on page, but what a hack. Any feedback would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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So clean and beautiful. Great start to the FCC projects, keep going!

Great job on your tribute page. I tested it on iphone/ipad/laptop/large monitor and it was responsive on all levels. Great combination of colors since the light pink and the light gray compliment each other and that is balanced out with the darker gray footer.

Just a suggestion if you want to do this. Do you have an Amazon affiliate account? They are free to sign up for and you get a commission when somebody buys anything off Amazon when they click on your affiliate link. If you have an Amazon affiliate link, you can put links to all of his albums on Amazon and if anybody purchases then you make money.

Thanks! It means a lot.

Thanks a lot! I really like that color combination.

No, I would never come up with that idea, but I’ll definitely consider it. Nice!