Tribute Page David Tipper

Hello, feeling discouraged based on other people’s tribute pages. They all look very nice and I’m wondering what I should change or should have done instead. Still learning all the different tools such as flexbox & grid as well as making things accessible.

Thank you

No need to feel discouraged at all. If anything, you should feel good about reaching out for feedback. That’s just how some people may learn and get better. Just a few ideas I had for fixing it up might be to start by making the text a little bigger so it’s easier to read and pick out a cool font to use from google fonts. I also noticed your image didn’t load. A way I found to get around that is to upload the image file to a github repo and then link to it in your codepen.

Okay, I will proceed to adjust those things and see if I can’t add a little more flavor. I had originally uploaded the image to Imgur and linked it through there. Being on my laptop the image shows and I’m confused why it isn’t for you… I am slightly familiar with what Github is but if you could elaborate on the repo part of your sentence I would very much appreciate it!

Your image is hosted on imgur, which blocks codepen from loading the image. You are seeing it only because it’s in your browser cache. Try clearing your cache and viewing the page again, and you’ll find that the image does not appear. Try hosting your image somewhere else – github has been suggested, and I believe photobucket also works.

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I cleared the cache, if you were referring to the history section of my browser. I’m still able to view image but I did use a different browser and saw the image not loading.

Your browser history is not your browser cache. At any rate, using a different browser also works and avoids having to clear your cache.

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To be more clear, if you have an account on github, then what you can do is create a new repo, then upload the image file to it. Maybe what you could do is actually copy and paste your html and css into new files and upload them to the same repo as the image file, so the repo has everything that’s related. Then, navigate to the image file in the repo’s directory, right click and copy the image’s url and paste it into an img element in your codepen.

Heck, once you have your html and css in github, you may as well enable github pages and ditch codepen entirely.

I am now learning what a repository actually is and now I’ll figure out how to use Github.

Thank you!

followed these steps and am having worse luck then before. Do you have to make the Repo public or should it work if its private?

I’m not entirely sure. I would think it makes sense to have the repo public because I think mine are public.

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Setting it to public worked…