Tribute page -- decent?

Hello freeCodeCamp world!

I am a music teacher/general nerd looking to add more skills to my existence.

I did my best to follow the tribute page example without blatantly copying it. I wish they told us more about the jumbotron class and things like that but I made do without them.

The portfolio page is going to be WAAAAAAAAYYYYY tougher though. I don’t even know where to begin with it.

Anyways, any feedback you can give me on my first webpage and/or suggestions for where to begin for the portfolio page would be most helpful!

tribute page-- my first build

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Great job on your first project! I see one small problem and I have a minor suggestion for the overall design.

Problem: When the browser width is narrow, the photo does not stay within the outside black border. You need to figure out how to make the image responsive when the page gets narrow. See below for screenshot:

Suggestion: Since you have a large white space at the top and narrow white space on the left and right and none at the bottom. Maybe either make them all of the same space or at least make the top and bottom the same and leave the left and right alone.

Really nice timeline. I can tell you put a lot of time and thought into it.

As far as the problem with your image: you could try setting the width of the image as a percentage of its parent container and then set the right and left margins accordingly.

For example:

width: 80%;
margin: 5px 10%;

Or you could adjust the percentages to how big you want the image to be displayed.

You can learn more about responsive web design here. You might want to go and bookmark the homepage. You’ll find yourself wanting to go back to it a lot. I use it more than I use MSDN.