Tribute Page Delaysssss

Having a heck of time starting the tribute page, I feel if I can not even get going then I need more practice. Any tips or suggestions?

Hey @namism77!
Please explain the problem more.

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It’s totally okay to have these delays, delays where you are looking for inspirations to make what you want, collecting Ideas and figuring out how other people have done it. But its important to get started you should first try to make the basic HTML structure which is required to do this project and then you may take delays and come back to add some things into your project which you really liked. Take these delays but don’t get stuck, make some progress even if its too little, thinking too much about making a good page and not doing anything is not a healthy practice, Its better to just start off with what ever comes to your mind and then make improvements to it little by little.

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Hi @namism77!

I posted a reply for a similar question asked a few hours. It might help you as well.

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Step 1! LOL Complete loss on where and how to begin. Can I just go back to checking and correcting errors (training modules)? Haha

This happens when you have to completely do all the stuff on your own. We get too used to the challenges they are short and clear instructions are given but when you hit the project you just feel like you are lost. You no longer have precise instructions on what to do but User Stories are kind of similar and a good place to start. Make a basic HTML page and start fulfilling the user stories. If you don’t understand what a particular User story wants you to do or just how to do this? Try googling things out on your own but if you still can’t find what you are looking for then you should ask questions here on forum.

As @mdshariq pointed out there is a jump from the lessons to the projects.

But the new all project based curriculum is hoping to close that gap a little bit so there is an easier transition between challenges and certification projects.

I went to FCC’s github curriculum expansion repo and I think the smaller projects before the certification projects are a good step in the right direction.