Tribute Page - Derek Carr

Hi everyone!

I’m excited to develop my skills in front-end web development. Here is my first project. Please give me any constructive feedback you have. I didn’t use any bootstrap because I just want to get a better feel for CSS right now. Thanks.

Just a couple of notes on responsive design here since it looks pretty good. First, your images are not resizing properly. At smaller screen widths they appear stretched. Second, rather than use a table you might consider building out your own table with flexbox. On smaller screen sizes the tables become scrollable rather than resize to fit in the window. Perhaps you can attempt to figure out a way to make the tables switch their orientation when the user runs out of horizontal window space?

The images are stumping me. I used
width: 100%;
height: auto;

but there are still short instances when the height does not scale with width. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the feedback regarding the tables. I could play around with them more, but perhaps tables are just a pain in the rear on small width devices. Perhaps swapping x/y orientation would read better…