Tribute Page, done but...minimally

Not trying to skate the training, really! I unfortunately let a long time pass between starting this and getting to it. My goal was to get the minimal stories done and submit for review on where I went wrong early on and from there, correct and flesh it out more.

I noticed that when looking at the code for the Tribute Pen, I didn’t use the col-xs and size the columns and offsets. I believe this is standard practice, so maybe I am not grasping that concept. I left my minor debugging enabled because I have a hard time visualizing the divs and the borders just seem to help, maybe I should color the background too or do some in-line styling to say which div it is until I can wrap my head around this and take my training wheels off :smiley:

I also now I took some code from another location like stackoverflow or something and it works and I know why but I cant remember(doh! comments) what problem I was having to not use another way. I think it was just centering the pics and what I used works, but I think leads into using the columns and offsets. I am referring to the .internal, I think the rest I did myself.

Other feedback and corrections I should consider, obviously content isn’t a major issue. I don’t really have any tributes per say right now. I want to get in the habit of doing the consistently, I already have a major page revamp for a local non-profit my church and there are a few approaches I could try, so wanting a solid base and I just never seem to have had a good focus on web development. I’ve done some so so stuff, but not really following standards more as well this looks a lot better than it did and the code you could always tell I hacked together, which is ok, but not what you want without a solid understanding of why I had to do it that way vs a more traditional approach.

Any feedback is appreciated.