Tribute Page done in 2hrs but with "jungle code". Just move-on or re-build?


My Tribute Page look OK in desktop but mess in mobile.
Found that I used too much CSS code and just use “well”,“tex-center” of Bootstrap :grin:

  1. Is it best practices to re-build the page or just move on to next challenge ?

  2. How will I know my code is good enough in others projects without sample ?


Thanks P1xt for your helpful advices. Many freshers like me will think revising now will learn more, but don’t realize that “me in the future” will be far better :slight_smile:

I’m reviewing to use the grid system because it involved in Portfolio project too.

I will move to next challenge to keep up speed.

Just to reinforce what @P1xt said, it’s good to go back to older projects once you have more expertise under your belt.

I’d add to this my own experience:

While I was working on my Nightlife Coordination app in the backend projects, I decided I wanted to use Sass and Flexbox. Rather than try to learn those two new things while also building a new app from scratch, I decided to go back and use Sass and flexbox to revamp my Weather app. That way I didn’t have to solve the ‘business-logic’ problems of the new app while also learning the styling technology I wanted to use. Learning the style stuff in the safety of a previously completed app meant I could reduce my cognitive load and solely focus on the one thing I was interested in learning. When I finished that and went back to the Nightlife app, implementing flexbox and Sass was much easier, and I could concentrate on getting that app working instead.

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