Tribute page done

First project done and feel like is was a complete fail…feedback would be appreciated have linked below


Why do you feel like it was a failure? I’d say you’ve done very well :smiley: It’s responsive and you clearly know your Bootstrap classes. I was surprised to see no CSS. I’d change child-cantered to child-centered and you should be good. You did well in choosing a topic that really relates to you and your son.

Keep on keeping on! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback… corrected the mistake…It just doesn’t look great and it took so long to complete…but will keep on keeping on :slight_smile:

I also think you did a fantastic job…dont worry about how it looks (though to be frank, I think it looks great) worry about getting the fundamentals down in your code, which you did beautifully… As you learn more, you can always come back to this and spruce it up later

Btw, really wonderful to hear how Montessori has been for your son! My daughter went to Montessori for preschool through 1st grade. Shes in college now, and still attributes just those couple years of Montessori to how well she did in school through the years because of the foundation for learning, and how to learn…really invaluable skills. She already knows when she has kids she wants them to go to Montessori…it means that much to her. Awesome person to do your Tribute on :smiley:

Thank you!!! Glad to hear your daughter had a great experience…